MFA|EDA Summer 2019 Bragdeck

Check out recent MFA|EDA recent laurels + screenings + exhibits + more:

>> Tamar Rachkovsky’s (’19) Home in E Major screens in the Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 19-30.

>>Kristin Bedford (’14) exhibits images from Cruise Night at the Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition, May 22-June 23 at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

>>Rachel Boillot (’14) and Moon Shine in The Guardian.

>>Rachel Jessen (’18) reporting and images in ESPN The Magazine.

>>Natalie Minik (’13) has been awarded a residency at Crosstown Arts in Memphis this summer.

>>Family and friends screening at the Moviate Underground Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA, May 24-26: Talena Sanders (’13), Anna Kipervaser (’15), Bill Brown, and Sabine Gruffat.

>>Family and friends screening at the Fracto Film Encounter, Berlin, Germany, May 23-26:
Anna Kipervaser (’15), Laurids Andersen Sonne (’18), Bill Brown, and Richard Ashrowan.

>>Family and friends screening at the Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, June 7-9:
Erin Espelie (’14), Anna Kipervaser (’15), Jon-Sesrie Goff (’16), Kevin Jerome Everson, Richard Ashrowan, and Jeanne Liotta.

>>Family and friends screening at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL, June 5-9:
Anna Kipervaser (’15), Karen Yasinsky, Richard Ashrowan, Roger Beebe, and Bill Brown.

>>Jacob Moss (’19) was awarded a scholarship to the Fotofilmic Danny Lyon Seminar this summer and has a feature in the Duke Chronicle.

>>Power Plant Gallery announces Vonnie Quest as 2019 #PPGArtist in Residence.

>>Alina Taalman (’15) was Associate Producer and Lead Assistant Editor on Momentum Generation, which was awarded a Sports Emmy on May 20.

>>Phyllis B. Dooney (’18) and Gravity Is Stronger Here, now with short films online. Web design by Katie King (’18).

>>Pedro Lasch and the Makerspace in Duke Arts.

>>Philip Brubaker (’13) has work in Episode 30 of Here Comes Everybody, coming soon to public access and youtube.

>>John Rash (’15) tells us his award-winning doc Negro Terror is now available on Amazon. Check it out at

>>Laurids Andersen Sonne (’18) screening at the Montreal Underground Film Festival, May 25.

>>Cassandra Klos (’20), Bishop Ortega (’20), Will Warasila (’20), Jeremy M. Lange (’18) and Phyllis B. Dooney (’18) are participating photographers with the North Carolina Arts Council’s New Faces of Tradition: Documenting North Carolina’s Young Artists. Opening reception is May 30 at Rubenstein Arts Center.

>>Felicity Palma (’19) and Notes from the Kingdom of the Sick garnered an Honorable Mention at the Milwaukee Underground Film Festival.

>>Eric Barstow (’13) premiered his doc The Education of Bruno Latour at FHI April 30.