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4th Friday 6Pack: MFA|EDA Philip Brubaker (’13)

Welcome to the sixth installment of MFA|EDA’s 4th Friday Alumni 6Pack. We are pleased to continue the new monthly tradition with Philip Brubaker, from the inaugural Class of 2013.

Listen Up, (it’s) Philip:

For the past two years, I have made a living solely as a freelance video essayist.  My main client, publishes my niche video essays about filmmaking across social media for thousands of cinephiles to view.  These video essays are like short documentaries about cinema.  I have made 100+ video essays.  One of them, called “New York As Nightmare” was accepted to a film festival in Toronto.

I’ve lived in California since 2016, and it’s an amazing state.  I feel lucky to be able to be here and experience the nature and cities.  Walking around and taking photos is still one of my favorite pastimes. California has provided no shortage of interesting subjects to document.



San Francisco is a great town, despite being the most expensive city in the world or whatever.  I screened some of my experimental work at Artists Television Access in SF and got a great response from the feisty audience.  I shot a short film on my iPhone in the Bay Area in August.  Now I will wait to hear back from some important film festivals.  I’m reading a fascinating book written by a UC Berkeley professor about the dark side of the tech boom in the Bay Area.  San Francisco is a very hard place to make a living.


Last month, my wife and I moved to Los Angeles.  In December, I will have my video art on display at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.  Since this is the hotspot for filmmaking, I decided to enter a video still from a movie that I transformed with text.  The image, from Eyes Wide Shut was chosen because it is in the middle of a dissolve, and one of my video essays is about how when two images are superimposed, it creates a third meaning where a connection is formed between the images.  This image is about the idea of a double life, lived in the imagination and in the outside world.  The character, (Tom Cruise) is thinking about about going into the city, and in the context of the film, we know he is headed to a secretive orgy.  The text transforms the movie still into a kind of public service announcement about deviant behavior.


“Abandoned Movie” is a series of short, experimental documentaries that I am currently editing, based on thirteen years of footage I filmed.  I am seeking a gallery space to screen the episodes.


Lately, I’ve been making more physical art: paintings, sculpture, mixed media.  Here are some recent examples of work I’ve made.


Next month:
Katie King (’18).
See you then.


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