Student Profiles: Lisa McCarty

Mora's House, Aachen, Germany. Pigment print from color negative, 2011.

Lisa McCarty creates images through a disciplined practice of relinquishing control. Utilizing unpredictable cameras and photographic processes, McCarty seeks opportunities to capture chance-based abstractions that reflect the imperfect yet wondrous systems that govern perception. Equally interested in cognitive science and romantic conceptualism, her work explores the potential and paradox of visual information.

Lisa McCarty is an image maker working in Durham, North Carolina. Most recently her work has been exhibited at Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C., the American University Museum in Washington, D.C., Chroma Projects Art Laboratory in Charlottesville, VA, Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media in Boston, MA, and at the X-Initiative, in New York, NY. She has also exhibited internationally with the dreieck.triangle.driehoek collective in Germany and Belgium. Lisa holds a BFA from George Mason University and is currently a MFA candidate in Experimental and Documentary Arts at Duke University.

See some of Lisa’s work at her website.








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