Philip Brubaker: “Existential Crisis”

A sunken feeling seemed to emanate out of my prostrate body and circle the whole bedroom, swooping up the venetian blinds and waltzing into the spider web-claimed corners of the ceiling.  My mind was painfully erect, as if it had been mickeyed with an industrial over-strength of Viagra.  I couldn’t stop thinking and I was… Continue reading Philip Brubaker: “Existential Crisis”

Presentation of MFA Student Works-in-Progress, 12/13

Duke’s first MFA program invites the public to showings of the documentary works-in-progress of the fifteen students from the inaugural class. The students are all enrolled in the first year Documentary Fieldwork seminar taught by Alex Harris. The work of three students—Philip Brubaker, Wolfgang Hastert, and Jolene Mok was shown on Tuesday, December 6 (see end… Continue reading Presentation of MFA Student Works-in-Progress, 12/13