Dara Friedman: Dancer opens at CAM Raleigh on January 28th

The Contemporary Museum, Raleigh will bring a bit of the Sunshine State to the Triangle with their presentation of Dancer, a new work from German-born, Miami-based artist, Dara Friedman.  The work is the latest in a series of works that consider performance in public space, following up on 2007’s Musical and 2010’s Frankfurt Song.

According to CAM’s press release, Dancer

“…captures 66 performers in 40 segments as they dance, during the day and at night, along Miami’s sidewalks, in its parks and parking garages, street corners, bus benches, and on its beaches. Pole, funk, Flamenco, ballet, modern, break, belly, and ballroom dancing are all energetically represented, as are skateboarding, skipping, and voguing. The film focuses upon the isolation of city life and at the same time upon the vitality of city life. The film depicts a crowded Miami street corner, where an unexpected and memorable performance could be a seen as a daily occurrence.”

The exhibition opens on January 28th and will run through April 30, 2012.  More info available on CAM’s website.

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