Winter Forum Artists Highlighted in Nicholas School News Post

In a recent Nicholas School news & events post, MFAEDA students Kristin Bedford, Caitlin M. Kelly and Jennifer Stratton were featured in relation to their participation as artists-in-residence at the 2013 Undergraduate Winter Forum. This year’s forum, “Blue Devils and the Deep Blue Sea: Can We Rescue the Oceans?” was held at the Duke University Marine Lab, in Beaufort, N.C.

If you missed the presentation of Bedford, Kelly and Stratton’s work in February, the post “SCIENCE + ART = SMART” will fill you in. It provides insight into each artist’s experience at the forum and the resulting creative work. Kristin Bedford says she “created a series of images that were about taking time to look at the micro-elements of a scientific issue” while Caitlin M. Kelly’s focus lies with “this idea that data needs to be processed to be meaningful, and how something becomes meaningful.” However, Jennifer Stratton took a different approach by turning lab tools into art objects, creating “visual three-dimensional field notes.”

This was the first artist-in-residence experience that the Marine Lab offered, and the lab’s director, Cindy Van Dover, hopes to continue an artistic engagement – “Creativity in art and science together would set us apart from other marine science programs in the country; it would transform the way we inspire our students, the way we understand the marine environment, and the way we relate to our work.”

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The featured image is from Threaded 3-Dimensional Field Notes from Minding the Unknown the Seams: Exercises in Perspectivism by Jennifer Stratton

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