MFA|EDA at SPE Regional and National Conferences

MFA|EDA alumnus Wolfgang Hastert (2013) is presenting at this year’s SPE West Regional Conference, ‘On the Brink: Photography as Witness’. He will show a cross-media presentation of DAYS AT HOME, his artist’s book incorporating pinhole photography with text and reproductions of Super-8 film footage. HOME explores personal family history set against a sequence of universal narratives about perceptions of time. His presentation at SPE blends the book’s imagery with a unique “bookfilm” and with an avant-garde short film, titled WILLI. Hastert currently teaches courses in photography and studio TV production at University of California in San Diego.

Current MFA|EDA students Malina Chavez (2014) and Tracy Fish (2015) will present at both the Regional and National SPE Conferences this year.

Chavez will be giving a workshop, Ink Transfer Film Movies, at this year’s SPE Southeast Regional Conference ‘Mad Hatters to Pixel Pushers’.  The workshop explores the processes used to make the film, What The Blonde Taught the Native. The film uses the ink transfer film process and found footage video of National Geographic magazines and documentaries along with found audio from the Friendship Seven Voyage. Later this year she will present at the SPE National Conference on her MFA|EDA program experience and graduate project 1949 Armistice Agreement Line, a project that formally examines the borders of Palestinian Territory on Google Maps Street View.

Fish will be presenting on her collaborative project Chasing the Paper Canoe at the upcoming SPE Southeast and then again at the SPE National Conference in Baltimore in March. Chasing the Paper Canoe is the first book to arrive from the Athenaeum Press at Coastal Carolina University. It is a contemporary photographic reinterpretation focusing on Chapter 11 of traveler and writer Nathaniel Bishop’s journey from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico between 1874-1875.  The presentations cover topics including the process of cross-disciplinary interaction and the collaborative process as well as their individual journeys with the project and publication development.

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