MFA|EDA Call for Applications – Deadline Jan 31

Duke University MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts: Call for Applications Deadline: Jan 31, 2014 ____________________________________________________ Applications received after Jan 31 will be reviewed as space allows ____________________________________________________ Duke University welcomes applications to its MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts (MFA|EDA), a groundbreaking interdisciplinary arts program. For admission for fall 2014, the application deadline is January 31, 2014. Application  and portfolio submission information here. A unique initiative, the MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts couples experimental visual practice with the documentary arts in a rigorous two-year program. For more than three decades, Duke has demonstrated leadership in documentary arts, film and video, and visual studies. Drawing upon this commitment to the arts, as well as the University’s existing strengths in historical, theoretical and technological scholarship, the MFA|EDA offers a distinct learning environment that sees interdisciplinary education as a benchmark for significant innovation. The MFA|EDA requires twelve courses over four semesters: eight core courses in prescribed sequence and four elective courses. Guided by first-year advisors and a faculty thesis committee, students explore a curriculum that blends studio practice, fieldwork, digital media and critical theory, culminating in the completion of a thesis paper and MFA exhibition. Students work with faculty from the program’s three founding units—the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies; the Center for Documentary Studies and the Program in the Arts of the Moving Image—as well as from the University at large. MFA|EDA students will create work that has impact, including pioneering hybrids of documentary expression, experimental media, and new technologies. The program seeks applicants from across the arts spectrum, whether based in traditional fine arts such as painting, sculpture, documentary arts, writing, photography and film, or so-called experimental practice such as computational and new media, sound work, performance and installation. Successful candidates will be well versed in their existing practice, and will be eager to push the boundaries of their work via interaction with cohorts from diverse backgrounds. Graduates will support themselves with employment as leaders in higher education, filmmaking, media production, entertainment, journalism, the art world, and related fields, demonstrating the role of the arts both in the academy and in society at large. ____________________________________________________ Program director: Tom Rankin Executive committee: Wesley Hogan, Guo-Juin Hong, Tom Rankin, Hans Van Miegroet Core faculty: Stan Abe, Bill Brown, David Gatten, Josh Gibson, Mark Hansen, Alex Harris, Patrick Herron, Guo-Juin Hong, Pedro Lasch, Timothy Lenoir, Jody McAuliffe, William Noland, Mark Olson, Richard Powell, Tom Rankin, Bill Seaman, Merrill Shatzman, Kristine Stiles, Victoria Szabo, Charles Thompson, and Hans Van Miegroet. ____________________________________________________ More information on the program, faculty, curriculum and application guidelines are available on the MFA|EDA website. Additional inquiries may be sent to   Print   Banner Image:  Lisa McCarty, The Oriel Window, South Gallery, Lacock Abbey, 2011, LightJet Print from Color Negative ____________________________________________________

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