MFA|EDA Kristin Bedford (’14) Photo News

Two recent posts regarding Class of 2014 alumna Kristin Bedford and her work:


New York Times – Lens:
The photographer Kristin Bedford trekked through the sweltering summer streets of Philadelphia in 2013, looking for remnants of forgotten religions. In college, as a religious studies major, she’d been influenced by Arthur Fauset’s 1944 book “Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Cults of the Urban North,” in which he’d chronicled five spinoff religions in African-American communities. Read the article and see the images here.


Duke University Archive of Documentary Arts:
A body of color photography by Kristin Bedford recently acquired as part of the Rubenstein Library Archive of Documentary Arts offers striking images of religious practices in two very different communities of faith, and at the same time challenges cultural stereotypes of African-American worship. The two projects that came out of her experience are titled “Be Still: A Storefront Church in Durham,” and “The Perfect Picture.” Read the article and see the images here.


Congratulations Kristin!


Viewfinder Image:  Kristin Bedford, “Cario, September 30, 2012” from Be Still: A Storefront Church in Durham

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