David Gatten Retrospective at PLASTIK 2015

Dublin’s PLASTIK Festival of Artists’ Moving Image is featuring a retrospective of David Gatten films (Duke AMI + MFA|EDA faculty), including:

Film for Invisible Ink case no. 71: BASE-PLUS-FOG  (2006) black & white, sound, 16mm 10 minutes
What the Water Said, no. 46  (2007) colour, sound, 16mm 17 minutes
Shrimp Boat Log (2006 re-cut and printed 2010) colour, silent, 16mm, 6 minutes
The Great Art of Knowing (2004) black & white, silent, 16mm 37 minutes
The Extravagant Shadows (1998-2012) digital, 175 minutes

More info here: http://bit.ly/1wDDUjy


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