Duke at CAA’s 2013 Annual Conference


The College Art Association will hold its 101st annual conference February 13-16 in New York.  The event will bring together over 6,000 artists, art historians, collectors, critics, curators, educators, librarians, and students to engage in four days of  intellectual discussion and creative presentation, and will kick off with an opening reception at the Guggenheim Museum.

As part of the conference’s media lounge, MFAEDA faculty member Victoria Szabo will collaborate with other media artists in AR2 View, an exhibition that will present augmented reality via smartphones or other mobile devices. As described in the exhibition’s materials, AR2 View consists of work that “pushes the connection between the page interface and artists’ work by using the  conference hotel as the context and trigger for experiencing artworks.”  In collaboration with Joyce Rudkinsky, Szabo will exhibit a context-based piece called “Innerspace Adventure.”

As part of the conference’s book and trade fair, which features art books, journals, magazines and material from more than 130 publishers, booth #255 (Palgrave/Macmillan) will feature Gregory Sholette’s new work, It’s The Political Economy, Stupid.  Sholette, who co-edited the book with Oliver Ressler, will visit Duke next fall.



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