MFA|EDA Students Screening in AV Lab’s ‘Vistas and Vestiges’


The Audiovisualities Lab will feature works-in-progress by MFA|EDA students John RashJing Niu, and Jonna McKone.

Vistas and Vestiges: Audiovisual Travels Through Place and Time (works in progress)

Thursday, December 5, 6 p.m.
Smith Warehouse, Bay 4

Afterwards there will be a reception of food and drinks
in tandem with a general showcase of other lab projects*


Yangtze Drift by John Rash:

The Yangtze River acts as a compass urging us along a graceful and looping path. This meditative river tour confounds our preconceptions while at the same time disputing the authenticity of the journey on which we have embarked. (25 mins + photo installation)

Working Lands by Jonna McKone:

This nonnarrated, observational film looks at the historic and economic vestiges that live in gesture and landscape in a rural region of North Carolina. The film is a meditation on work in a rural economy suddenly severed from the production and processing of poultry. (15 mins + video installation)

Soil Sauce by Jing Niu:

This autoethnographic film is a journey in which the filmmaker travels through time to document a bilingual understanding of place and history. We follow her into her past of growing up in Chinese takeout restaurants and on an adventure to find the origins of many childhood objects such as soy sauce packets and fortune cookies. This film speaks about immigration and displacement through the lens of commercial spaces, particularly ethnic restaurants. (40 mins)


*The lab’s “Sonic Dictionary” will also be on display:

“Sonic Dictionary” by Mary Caton Lingold and Duke students from Sounds of the South and Audiovisualities:

The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course collaborative experiment hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab. This semester, students from two courses contributed to the digital database of sounds. Participants also created exhibits to showcase some of the material collected and “defined.”

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