Rachel Boillot (MFA|EDA ’14) at reGeneration3, Musèe de l’Elysèe

Rachel Boillot (MFA|EDA ’14) exhibits in reGeneration3 at Musèe de l’Elysèe:

reGeneration3–an innovative international project devoted to the emerging photographic scene launched in 2005-represents one of the hallmarks of Musèe de l’Elysèe. Although many similar projects have seen the day since then, the Musèe de l’Elysèe decided to embark on a third edition, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, one that would focus on the multifaceted nature of photography.

Almost one hundred art academies worldwide responded to our call for applications and submitted up to five portfolios on the best work of their recently graduated students. After a careful review of the four hundred applications submitted, three major themes were identified as being representative of the merging art scene: the variety of approaches for dealing with documentary subjects; the question of memory; and the wealth of aesthetic photographic expressions inspired by the history of the medium, and, more broadly, the history of art.

reGeneration3 brings together fifty artists with twenty-five different nationalities, representing some forty art institutions. Their work is distinguished by their multidisciplinarity, ranging from printing and photographic series, artists’ books, multimedia installations, videos, projections, films and performances, to on-site installations.

-Anne Lacoste, Curator of reGeneration3. Chief Curator at the Musèe de l’Elysèe & former curator of Photography at the Getty

Keep up the great work, RB #goteam

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