Rachel Boillot (MFA|EDA ’14) at reGeneration3, Musèe de l’Elysèe

Rachel Boillot (MFA|EDA ’14) exhibits in reGeneration3 at Musèe de l’Elysèe: reGeneration3–an innovative international project devoted to the emerging photographic scene launched in 2005-represents one of the hallmarks of Musèe de l’Elysèe. Although many similar projects have seen the day since then, the Musèe de l’Elysèe decided to embark on a third edition, on the… Continue reading Rachel Boillot (MFA|EDA ’14) at reGeneration3, Musèe de l’Elysèe

An Evening of Short Films with the Class of 2014

As MFA|EDA 2013 comes to a close, there will be an opportunity to see what the second class of MFAEDA students has been working on in their first semester. On Friday, April 19 at 7pm, Haikus and Other Mathematics will feature short films from the Duke MFAEDA Class of 2014, produced in conjunction with Josh Gibson’s course Experimental Film.